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About "Chacoj Peru"

Who are we?
The word CHACOJ, is a term that comes from the Andean Quechua language, which refers to a type of traveling ants that are commonly found in the jungle areas of Cuzco (Quillabamba). The CHACOJ is said to leave footprints which positively changes the lands where they once stood during their temporary stays. The CHACOJ, which never let their path go unnoticed, will always cover a large area during their travels. Thus, this will be our attitude towards our next destinations for our dear travelers.

CHACOJ PERU EXPEDITIONS, is a Travel Agency for Tourism, Receptive, and also Tour Operator that specialized in Andes Mountains, with operation headquarter based in the bellybutton of the Incan world, Cusco, Peru. We are a solid Peruvian organization that brings a high responsibility and quality in our services, which includes personalized attention, customized tours and excursions, such as special destination of interest. Other than that, we can also provide our dear travelers to plan tours in group or private!
With an innovative approach in providing touristic services, we will design the most fantastic travel experience in parts of Bolivia and Peru for our dear travelers. Our goal is “not only to travel, but also to enjoy the experience and be part of the grand Andean Culture!”

We will like to provide not only a fantastic experience, but also to be able to reproduce it back to your home, and even mingle to your daily life. We will want your visit to this part of the world to leave a mark, with memorable experiences that promotes the cultural respect, well-being of the visited destinations, and Interculturality of both sides.

To lead the South America’s tourism market, we will make destinated trips that our travelers had in mind into reality, thus breaking the time and routine barriers our travelers might encounter.


  • Competition
  • Commitment
  • Creativity
  • Dedication
  • Empathy
  • Integrity