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Maras - Moray - Salineras

Maras - Moray - Salineras

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Maras - Moray


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We will pick you up from your hotel to start a colorful tour, passing through very typical local towns and beautiful landscapes that we can enjoy in our tour. We will visit the Archeological zone of Moray. From first sight it appears to be like an amphitheater, however it was an agricultural experimental center corresponding to the Pre Inca and Inca times, formed by hills, natural depressions of various dimensions where concentric platforms, artificial plains, canals, aqueducts and two water reservoirs are found located in the upper part of the complex.
After that we will be visiting Salineras de Maras. Located to the northwest of the town of Maras, they are constituted by some 2000 small wells with an average area of about 5 m².
It was been used since the Inca era, Colonial era and still be used by the locals up until the modern days.
Finally, we will make a brief stop at the Chinchero textile center to appreciate and observe the textile technique of the Chinchero area, which was an important administrative center in the Inca era.
We return to Cuzco after that.



Bundle Tourist Ticket: 130.00 soles. (Includes City Tour, Sacred Valley, Maras Moray with Southern Valley, and museums that are indicated on the Ticket.)
Partial Tourist Ticket: 70.00 soles. (Only for City Tour, Valle Sagrado, Maras Moray, or Southern Valley)

  • Entrance ticket to the Minas de Maras costs 10.00 soles.
Half Day
USD $20.00